PCSuite Booster

PCSuite Booster Pro

Deactivate Windows features and improve performance


  • Personalized profiles
  • Good selection of functions to toggle
  • No restart required
  • Maximze resources when needed


  • Few configuration or expert options
  • Unattractive interface


PCSuite Booster is a tool that will allow you to deactivate Windows features, services and programs so that you can get the most out of your system when you most need it.

PCSuite Booster works by creating up to 6 profiles. In each of these profiles, you can choose exactly which features you want to disable from a long list. The features are divided into three areas - Device Support, Windows Features and Applications. Once you have decided what to disable, PCSuite Booster allows you a test run, to make sure your decisions don't have any undesired effects.

By allowing you a choice of profiles, you'll be able to create the perfect set of optimizations for different purposes - gaming or running virtual machines, for examples. The Help provided by PCSuite Booster is adequate, but there are few configuration options, and the Expert Mode is pretty poor.

PCSuite Booster is a solid enough program, but it feels amateur and unprofessional.

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